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Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Doors

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Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Doors

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Our helpful FAQ section is here to concisely answer all your garage door related questions.

What are the benefits of having an opener with internet access?

The major advantage is that you can monitor and control your garage door over the internet regardless of your location. Opener manufacturers have an app that you can download to your smartphone and use it to check up on your garage door. You can also order it to open or close using the app.

Why doesn't my garage door respond to my remote?

This can happen for a number of reasons. An internal lock may have been engaged. A spring or cable may have broken or lost its tension. The motor or any of the opener's other mechanical parts may have worn out, or perhaps the disconnect switch has simply been disengaged. Whatever the cause, our technicians are trained to isolate problems like these quickly and make repairs at minimum cost.

Can the metal parts of my garage door rust?

Yes, they can. Even though the modern parts are usually galvanized, scratches and frequent exposure to water can lead to rusting. Our specialists explain that the bottom parts of the tracks are the most vulnerable as they tend to get in contact with road salts. Be sure to have your door properly maintained by a professional to prevent it from degrading.

Why are c-clamps necessary during repairs?

C-clamps are extremely important tools since they will keep the door from coming down while you are working. They are usually placed against the garage door tracks under the rollers so that the rollers won't slide down and you'll avoid an accident. It's important to learn how to use them properly.

How often should I lubricate the components?

People often believe that lubrication maintenance must take place very frequently but you must not overdo it. According to our experts, garage door parts usually need to be lubricated twice every year and they only need a couple of drops each. Lubricate them more often only if they are very noisy.


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