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The Best Garage Door Related Tips

We had our experts write down some helpful points of advice to help our customers optimize their systems.

You can tell if the garage door is balanced correctly if you disengage the opener and then open it halfway. If it stays still it's likely ok. However, if it slides down or jumps up, our experts suggest that you have the springs adjusted. You can also tell there's a need for adjustment if there seems to be a slight tilt to the door's panels.
Many things can go wrong with the tracks. They might get misaligned if their fasteners are loose, or dent if they're hit with enough force. In any case, our experts suggest you either get them fixed or replaced, depending on the problem. If the tracks aren't in good condition, it is possible for the door to get stuck while moving, or even slide off its track.
These are stationary cables that run through the springs. They should be installed along with the main components. These cables are intended to hold the parts of the spring in case of breaking. Otherwise, they will shoot out and may hurt someone or cause damage to the garage. If you do not have such cables or they are in poor condition, our experts suggest that you get new ones installed right away.
It's not an exaggeration to say that your opener sensors must be regularly inspected since they can be easily damaged by various elements. Our experts suggest doing so on a weekly basis, since testing them is very easy, won't take much of your time, and can help ensure your safety.

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