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Important Garage Door Safety Measures

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Important Garage Door Safety Measures

Garage Door Safety Measures | Garage Door Repair Chandler, AZ

Your automatic garage door is most certainly the largest moving system in your house. It can be conveniently operated it with the push of a button, but this does not mean that you can allow yourself to get careless. Find out what you need to do to stay safe.

Proper Installation for Fixed Controls

The current safety standards require all stationary controls including the wall-mounted button and the wireless keypad to be installed at least five feet above the floor. This prevents small children from playing with the controls. This is a simple yet extremely effective measure for keeping everyone in your family safe. In general, when it comes to opener installation, you need to determine the most appropriate height of the controls for your particular situation.

Regular Safety Sensor Testing

The job of these devices, also known as photo eyes, is to reverse the course of ש closing door when something passes underneath it. Unfortunately, the sensors may malfunction or fail. That is why it is recommended that you test them every three months. The tests are quite simple and don’t require any special techniques or tools.

Open the door and place a solid object right in front of one of the photo eyes. Now close the door using your remote. The door must not move from its open position. If it goes down as usual, the sensors will need repair or replacement.

The second test involves waving an object under the door while it is closing. For safety purposes, the object should be long and thick like a garden rake or a broom. Wave the item in front of the sensors while the door is going down. It should stop and reverse. If it doesn’t, get the problem solved as soon as possible.

Special Safety Precautions During Maintenance

The first thing you need to do is to unplug the opener from the power outlet. You wouldn’t want someone to try and operate the door while you are working. You should also wear protective gloves, especially when you use chemical products like a solvent just to be on the safe side.

Another extremely important rule is not to do anything you are unsure about. Don’t try to make any adjustments and repairs, especially when it comes to the garage door spring system and its components. You can get seriously injured. There is no point in risking your wellbeing.


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